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International Students

International Students

必威 www.ku75.com International Student in Qatar University is defined as, the student who is admitted to Qatar University either in Undergraduate / Graduate / Arabic Program for Non-native Speakers, and issued his Qatari residence permit under Qatar University sponsorship through International Students Section.


International Student Section (ISS) supports one of Qatar University approaches in welcoming students from all over the world by adapting different practices that assist applicants from outside Qatar to enroll wide variety of programs in any academic level in the university. Additionally, ISS maintains services that support the enrolled international student's personal growth and progress to reach the academic success at QU; and mentor them to acquire the benefits of the university student-services programs and provides consistent care until they graduate.

Categories of International Students

  • Students granted one of the following Scholarships provided by Qatar University:
    • Islamic world and other countries (External/Internal Scholarship) to study in the Under Graduate level.
    • Short Scholarship to study in the Arabic program for Non-Native Speakers
  • Student bear all study & living expenses (paying students) only obtains QU residency sponsorship to study at QU either in: the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Program OR Under Graduate OR Graduate level.