College of Dental Medicine

必威 Creating a smiling future together!

Become one of the first dentists educated within the Qatari healthcare system and join the new program for dental medicine this fall!


Why dentistry? 

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The new College of Dental Medicine will…

  • Follow a high quality curriculum, which will be in line with international standards and combine multiple teaching methodologies to prepare you best for your future workplace.
  • Combine subject-oriented learning, especially during the first year, with organ-centered modular teaching and clinical skills training, to ensure a full integration of all relevant knowledge and skill domains.
  • Apply advanced e-learning and learning technologies to foster active learning and critical thinking.
  • Use the strong collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), to offer you early clinical experience in state-of-the-art facilities, including a dental simulation clinic and academic dental hospital at HMC.
  • Offer student-tailored Electives, community-based education, and research possibilities.
  • Be the 4th College under QU Health and provide substantial opportunities for inter-professional learning and exchange between different health professional programs.
  • Be routed within the national healthcare system to educate dentists who will be capable to address local challenges in oral health and to support the further development of the Qatari healthcare system.


Curriculum overview

  • Structure: 6-year program leading to a Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Year 1: Joined Common First Year with all students at QU Health
    • Single entry, multiple exit
    • Innovative and flexible global learning experience; early clinical exposure  
  • Years 2-3.5: Integrated pre-clinical and clinical learning across disciplines (including simulation training)
  • Years 3.5-6: Final Clinical Phase to prepare competent students to provide dental care on graduation
  • No internship is required following graduation as it is embedded in the undergraduate training

Quality Assurance

The College will follow international best-practice standards set by accreditation agencies in USA, Australia, Europe and will closely collaborate with international accreditors will ensure compliance with high quality standards.


Students who will be admitted to the College of Dental Medicine will be eligible for sponsorships through the MOAD program, where HMC and PHCC will sponsor students who signed an agreement to join their dental workforce after graduation.

In case of questions, or concerns, please send an email to Students Affairs Office at

Admission requirements

Admission to the College of Dental Medicine is competitive for Qatari and Non-Qatari applicants.
Due to the limited number of 25 seats, students with the minimum requirements are not automatically guaranteed acceptance to the College.

dentistry kit and tools

Minimum Requirements for high school applicants:

  • High school GPA* of 85%
  • English**: IELTS = 5.5 TOEFL = 500
  • Mathematics**: SAT = 500 ACT = 21
  • Completion of 2 out of 3 science subject classes in high school (biology, chemistry &/or physics). Having biology courses in high school is highly recommended.
  • Supporting evidence of previous volunteering experience in the healthcare sector, medical or scientific internships, or community work (recommended).
  • Passing a personal interview with the College Admission Committee (where relevant).

* For international curriculum schools, letter grades will be equalized to percent numbers by QU Admission Department. Please refer to QU Admission for further information.

** Test scores for English and Mathematics must be provided to the QU Testing Center prior to the start of the applications. Late scores will affect the assessment of the application.


CDM Admission Form

Step 1

Please note: you will be asked to provide a reference number from QU online admission application to proceed.

Step 2

  1. QU announces the start of admission for undergraduate programs in March.
  2. Students can apply by logging in to Qatar University website and filling the Admissions Application Form.
  3. Students must fill the admission application form below.
  4. Interview time and date will be communicated by email to all eligible students.
  5. Interviews are organized in the afternoon time for high school students and during the daytime for QU transfer students.
  6. Admission decisions are announced by the admission Department in August.

For more details on the QU undergraduate admission process please check the QU Admission Timeline webpage

Qatar University also offers Early Conditional Admission for Qatari nationals. For more information on Early Conditional Admission please visit the Early Conditional Admission webpage.

Please fill ALL required fields and upload ALL required documents.
You can submit the form ONLY if ALL fields and ALL documents are filled